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Title: Operation: R.U.L.E.S.
Post by: Numbuh 333 on February 19, 2011, 01:12:58 am

I am Numbuh 333, the Supreme Leader of KND2Generation. I hereby order my fellow KNDs to follow the rules that shall be followed:
EVERYONE--EITHER KIDS OR ADULTS--ARE WELCOME. So what if this is called the "Kids Next Door"? Either you're a kid or adult, male or female, baby or senior citizen, you're very welcome in our site! There's only one general rule for you guys: have fun.  ;)

YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR USERNAME AS THE KND CODENAME. I will not allow members with different usernames. Please cooperate; if you want to be a 2nd Generation KND, you should have the general codenames of KND. The general codename of KND is "Numbuh <insert any number here>" [e.g. Numbuh 100]. You may choose to any number you would want. And thus, you are only going to call them by their respective codenames.

THIS IS A RPG. Before anything else, I would like to remind you that this forum is merely a role-playing website, so as long as you're a member here you're going to treat yourselves and other members as the KIDS NEXT DOOR.

BE LOYAL AND FRIENDLY. Let me remind you that Kids Next Door is a worldwide organization that everyone must serve. Be it KID or ADULT, anyone is welcome here. I don't want to hear anything that a member betrayed the organization; please do your duties as a KND. [NOTE: This is only a RPG, don't take it seriously.]

HAVE YOUR RESPECTIVE SECTOR. Every member of this site is required to have a respective sector. You may apply as the sector leader, but please note that there will be going to have a maximum of 10 sectors only, having endless members each. In the "Sectors" board, you can only post in your respective sector and nothing else. If you want to talk with the members of other sectors, do it in other boards. You could talk about anything you want there, or have your respective "missions".

Those are the general rules a member should follow. In your respective sector, you will also have your own rules there that you, as the KND sector member, definitely should follow. Your sector leader will provide his/her rules.

Anyways, enjoy and have fun!  :D