Kids Next Door [2nd Generation]

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Title: Hello! and to let you know, kids next door is Real in REAL life. ;)
Post by: 100,000,000infinity on December 14, 2012, 04:04:43 pm
Hello everyone! I have a looooooong back story, so i made a story about it. Here's a short story about it in real life, i'm a Chosen One, My power is too be a Shapeshifter. My secound in command in my sector is Cristian he is number 20,000, he's a Chosen One too, his power is to be the smartest person on EARTH! My cousin Anthony, is number 29, he's a Chosen One too, he can travel back in time. Usally 1 chosen One is picked each year, this year there is only three. and that's me, Cristian, and Anthony. We're all 10. Here's some more about me,
Age: 10
T-shirt: Cubs blue with yellow sport stripes on shoulders, yellow sport letters on front of shirt that has 10 on it with the infinity sign on top of the 10.
pants: pants in the winter, shorts in the summer.
numbah: 100,000,000 infinity.
Gender: Girl
P.S. Did i mention that i'm leader of sector R and Cristian can throw fire balls and my spirit is BlackThunder (warrior cat and he's leader of Thunderclan) ;)