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October 22, 2021, 08:43:07 pm
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News: Welcome to the Kids Next Door 2nd Generation forum!
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31  KND Code Module / KND Membership / Re: Newbie... on: February 24, 2011, 04:28:37 am
Just recently. Last week maybe? I'm not yet done promoting the site, I do hope that anyone are gaining attention of it. Thank you for considering to register, Numbuh 12.3, it's an honor!  Cheesy
32  KND Code Module / KND Membership / Re: Newbie... on: February 24, 2011, 04:24:59 am
Welcome, Ericka... I mean, Numbuh 12.3! Nice codename. I'm glad you have followed the registration rule.  Wink

Thank you for joining KND2generation! I hope you enjoy your stay!  Smiley Smiley
33  KND 2nd Generation / Sectors / Listen Up, Sector Members! on: February 19, 2011, 08:46:28 am
Welcome to the Sector Board, where you build your own respective sectors and interact with your fellow mates. Before anything else, Numbuh 333 would like to say a few words that I require you to read:

◘ To be a sector leader, you should apply in the "KND General Moonbase" board first and wait for Numbuh 333 to confirm your promotion.

◘ To be a sector member, you should PM Numbuh 333 to apply for your desired sector, and I would be the one to tell the sector leader about it. The sector leader have the right to deny you from his/her sector, so you may choose another one.

◘ Numbuh 333 wouldn't want to discover anything that a member has been accepted in that sector without informing me! There would be certain complications for that member and the sector leader.

◘ As the sector member and leader, you will ONLY post in YOUR respective sector, not anyone else's! You may talk about anything you like, chat, have "missions" or something like that... Play RPG if you want too... Just do as you please in your RESPECTIVE sector.

◘ The sector leader will post his/her own rules for your sector to follow, but always keep the general rules in mind. The sector leader can do anything in his/her own sector: assign positions, etc. Treat the sector leader and his/her second-in-command as an admin too: respect them.

◘ Your sector name could be anything the sector leader wishes. It can be a letter, a name, thing, place, or even random.

◘ There would only be a maximum of 10 sectors and endless members each.

◘ Enjoy and have fun! Just do your best to be a REAL KND Operative!  Wink
34  KND Code Module / KND General Moonbase / KND Positions [Rankings] on: February 19, 2011, 04:59:17 am
Here are the KND positions [rankings] that KND2Generation has:

Supreme Leader - Administrator; Numbuh 333
Global Tactical Officer - Co-Administrator
Sector Leader - Moderator
Second-in-Command - Respective Sector Moderator


KND 5th Rank - 0-150 posts
KND 4th Rank - 151-250 posts
KND 3rd Rank - 251-350 posts
KND 2nd Rank - 351-500 posts
KND 1st Rank - 501-Infinity posts
35  KND Code Module / KND Membership / Numbuh 333 AKA Bianca on: February 19, 2011, 02:59:00 am

Hello there, fellow KND Operative. I am Numbuh 333, aka Bianca, your Supreme Leader of Kids Next Door 2nd Generation. Yes, I'm a girl, and I'm 15 years old.

Well, seriousness aside, thank you for joining our KND2Generation RP site! Let's treat ourselves as KND Operatives, shall we?  Cheesy

If you guys have problems, feel free to ask me via PM or in here! I will gladly help you out!

Well then, as of now, why don't we chat and get to know each other?  Wink
36  KND Code Module / KND General Moonbase / Application for SECTOR LEADER on: February 19, 2011, 01:44:05 am
This is the topic where those who wanted to be a Sector Leader could apply.


◘ You will be the chief in command in your respective sector. You will handle all the members of your sector and serve as the site's moderator. If you found a member violating the rules, you will be the one to decide what to do with him/her [no banning, violence and such allowed]. Be nice with your fellow members, and serve as their guide.

◘ You will have your respective second-in-command, who you will be choosing yourself. Be wise in choosing your second-in-command since you will act as partners throughout the site. The both of you will handle your members and work together to make your sector as "neat" as it could be.

◘ If you, yourself is violating the rules, the Supreme Leader or the Global Tactical Officer will handle it. If you reached a 3rd violation, you will be immediately decommissioned [banned] from the site, and let your second-in-command take over.

◘ You will also be choosing your sector's name: either it's a letter [e.g. Sector X], a name [e.g. Sector AMANDA], or etc. Anything would do.

◘ If a member would like to apply for your sector, you have the right to deny him/her to be your sector-mate. Your disapproval should be confirmed by the Supreme Leader.

◘ You will create your own rules in your own sector, but be sure you still have the general rules in mind.

◘ And lastly, be nice to your members and enjoy!


◘ Must be 15 y/o and up [I highly trust that you guys wouldn't be lying for your age.]
◘ Have at least good leadership skills [I will try to see to it.]
◘ Have at least 50 post counts
◘ Willing to follow the rules and serve as the KND 3rd highest position, the KND Sector Leader.


Just a formal introduction--I repeat--FORMAL introduction will do.  Wink
37  KND Code Module / General Rules & Announcements / Operation: R.U.L.E.S. on: February 19, 2011, 01:12:58 am

I am Numbuh 333, the Supreme Leader of KND2Generation. I hereby order my fellow KNDs to follow the rules that shall be followed:
EVERYONE--EITHER KIDS OR ADULTS--ARE WELCOME. So what if this is called the "Kids Next Door"? Either you're a kid or adult, male or female, baby or senior citizen, you're very welcome in our site! There's only one general rule for you guys: have fun.  Wink

YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR USERNAME AS THE KND CODENAME. I will not allow members with different usernames. Please cooperate; if you want to be a 2nd Generation KND, you should have the general codenames of KND. The general codename of KND is "Numbuh <insert any number here>" [e.g. Numbuh 100]. You may choose to any number you would want. And thus, you are only going to call them by their respective codenames.

THIS IS A RPG. Before anything else, I would like to remind you that this forum is merely a role-playing website, so as long as you're a member here you're going to treat yourselves and other members as the KIDS NEXT DOOR.

BE LOYAL AND FRIENDLY. Let me remind you that Kids Next Door is a worldwide organization that everyone must serve. Be it KID or ADULT, anyone is welcome here. I don't want to hear anything that a member betrayed the organization; please do your duties as a KND. [NOTE: This is only a RPG, don't take it seriously.]

HAVE YOUR RESPECTIVE SECTOR. Every member of this site is required to have a respective sector. You may apply as the sector leader, but please note that there will be going to have a maximum of 10 sectors only, having endless members each. In the "Sectors" board, you can only post in your respective sector and nothing else. If you want to talk with the members of other sectors, do it in other boards. You could talk about anything you want there, or have your respective "missions".

Those are the general rules a member should follow. In your respective sector, you will also have your own rules there that you, as the KND sector member, definitely should follow. Your sector leader will provide his/her rules.

Anyways, enjoy and have fun!  Cheesy
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