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September 28, 2020, 05:50:54 pm
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 on: May 05, 2013, 04:35:28 pm 
Started by numbuh 278 - Last post by Numbuh 54
Okay, so I'm Numbuh 54 (Bree Colins) and I specialize in medics and running equipment, not making it though. I hope to join a sector soon!

 on: January 09, 2013, 06:44:56 pm 
Started by numbuh 278 - Last post by numbuh 278
numbuh 278 reporting for duty(found this site though Gaiaonline by numbuh 36)

Hi there Numbuh 278! I'm Numbuh 36 in Gaia by the way. what's your username in Gaia?
numbuh 278 gia

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:45:03 pm 
Started by numbuh 278 - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
I'm still looking for people to join my sector. But i think it will be just the three of us for a while, I  mean by me, Cristian and Anthony. P.S. don't forget to read out my past! it get's WAY more crazy in the 2nd book. See you soon! *turns into dragon and flies off into sunset* Wink

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:41:19 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
Chapter 7
Telling them the Truth will be HARD

We sat at the same round table and I told them everything Blackthunder said about us being the chosen ones. When I was done talking Cristian had a mischievous smirk and then started throwing fireballs like crazy around the room. Then Anthony kept going back in time replaying Cristian throwing fireballs. I turned into a water dragon and started spurting out water as Cristian threw the fireballs. Then I said, “STOP!” He stopped and so did Anthony, “Thank GOD you guys stopped, you almost BURNT the treehouse down, and Anthony you almost broke the very fabric of space and time!!”
Their faces turned from happiness and excitement to sorrow and guilt, “Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to snap.” Cristian looked up at me, “It’s ok, we’re sorry for misusing our powers. Besides, you’re lucky to have the coolest powers.” Anthony looked up at me too, “Yeah.” He agreed. I sat up straight, “Well anyway, I think we’ll be a great team. So let’s stop being sorry for ourselves and toughen up. So are we Chosen Ones or are we big babies? You’re choice.” I stood up and put my hand in the middle of the table, “Who’s with me?” Cristian got up and put his hand on top of mine in the middle of the table. Anthony got up and did the same as Cristian, “1....2...3...” I got ready to put my hand up in the air, “Chosen Ones forever!” Our hands shot up like a rockets being launched in the air up to space. We fell down in our chairs accept for Anthony who fell on the ground, we all laughed. That’s when I knew Chosen Ones or not we were a team no matter what. ....To be continued to book 2 series 1

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:40:11 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
I crumpled up the piece of paper and thought peacefully, Bloody Mary’s GONE.

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:39:27 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
Chapter 7

The lights turned on and there standing in the middle of the room, more like floating because you know how ghosts hover and their legs are all faded. Well anyway, Anthony was tied up with a rope in the corner. Bloody Mary didn’t talk, I guess that’s why she wrote the note. Cristian went ahead of me, “Your just a lifeless speck on the edge of the whole world, you don’t know who you’re messing with!” he said to Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary only smiled, it was an evil smile that showed her
L   O   N   G  SHARP teeth. I felt fear in Cristian, even though he had a serious face on. Poor Cristian, he tried his best to look serious. But I guess Bloody Mary knew it didn’t matter on the outside, what really counted was on the inside. She probably sensed the fear like I did. There was a instant WHACK! It was too fast to see it, I bet Cristian didn’t see it either. Cristian was moaning in pain against the wall hurt. Then I was really angry, 1st Anthony was kidnapped. Now Cristian is knocked out. Grrreeaaat I thought sarcastically, now I’m angry. My hands glowed blue and my eyes turned light blue. I was ANGRY and you should NEVER and I mean NEVER get a Chosen One ANGRY! I let out a HUGE ROAR!!!! The ground quaked and then everything was still until I let out a HUGE blast that disintegrated Bloody Mary right out of existence. I untied Anthony and dragged Cristian up the stairs like a ragdoll. On my way up I turned the lights off and closed the door.
By then I knew Bloody Mary was

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:38:23 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
Chapter 6
The rescue

We were walking down the stairs to the basement. We were trying to be as quiet as we could, but everyone knows that it’s always impossible to be quiet when you’re stepping on creaky stairs.
                    step. Just then......Cristian hit me in the head with his gum ball gun. I knew I shouldn’t have been leading, because I know how clumsy he can be from time to time. But that hit HURT, “Cristian!!Watch were you’re putting that gun!!!” I spat at him. he said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I shook my head facing the ground, “Never mind, you should be more careful and I should be more quiet. We might blow our cover-”

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:37:34 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
Chapter 5
The plan

I got back to the round table and Cristian was waiting for me drawing something. I wanted to get a closer look, so I walked up to him and looked down and said, “what cha’ drawing?” He looked up at me and looked surprised, “I’m drawing a plan.” I sat down in a chair and was curious on what the plan was, “what’s the plan?” He stopped drawing, “Step 1: we sneak into the basement stealthily. Step 2: we find bloody mary. Step 3: we kill her and get Anthony out of there. Step 4: mission accomplished.” I said, “That’s a good plan, let’s go.”

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:36:44 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
Chapter 4
Mysterious figures in the dark

Me and Cristian sat at the round table, pondering on what to do and what the riddle meant. Suddenly I saw a dark shadow of a cat run across the room, “Did you see that?” I asked Cristian. Cristian shook his head and said, “No, what was it?” I got up and walked over to where the cat just was and threw my arms pointing at the spot. Then said, “I just saw a shadow of a cat run across the room!” Cristian looked puzzled and said, “Did you see where it went?” I nodded my head, “Yes, do you think I should follow it?” Cristian put his hand on his head and thought. Then he sighed and said, “I guess so, but make sure you come back. I lost number 29, But I don’t want to lose you.” “OK.” I said. I walked into the other room where the cat ran into. When I was in the room, I was in a
long hallway. I couldn’t see the end of the
hallway because it was to dark. Just then I saw the same shadow of a cat sprint across the hallway and into the darkness. I took a deep breath and continued into the hallway. Soon I was in the darkness. I continued walking in it. I couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly everything turned white and then the next thing I knew I was in a forest with a round lake. I just stood there paralyzed in shock. I heard a deep and brave voice behind me, “Welcome, Chosen One.” I turned around and there sat a dark brown cat with a black stripe down it’s back. My eyes bulged out in shock, “Y-You look j-j-just like Blackthunder!!” He licked his paws and said, “That’s because I am him, I’ll explain everything at the clan. Come.”  He sat up on all four paws and walked into a bush. I followed him. On the other side of the bush I was surrounded by cats. Blackthunder walked up to a rock and sat on it. He said, “We have a guest here today, and I expect you to be nice to her.” He said, “I present to you...” He paused and looked at me and turned back to his clan and said, “One of the Chosen Ones.” All the cats cheered and were ecstatic about their new guest. Blackthunder turned to me and said, “If you don’t understand anything about what’s going on, meet me at the lake. I will explain everything there.” I left and made a bee-line to the lake. When I got there Blackthunder was already waiting for me. I walked up to him, and sat next him. I thought for a moment and asked, “What do you mean by “Chosen One” ?” He sighed and then said, “Usually there is only one Chosen One picked every year, but this year there are three.” Then I said, “And?” Then he said, “you’re power is to have me as a spirit and you can shape shift into anything.” My eyes lit up, “what about Cristian and Anthony?” He said, “Cristian’s power is to be the smartest being on the planet, and Anthony’s power is to travel back in time.” I was surprised,
“Did you see what happened about Bloody Mary?” he nodded, “yes, I saw everything” I looked down at my watch, “I have to go, we’re running out of time, bye.” I started to get up, but Blackthunder said, “Wait!” I stopped. He said, “That watch is the watch of the shapeshifter, it helps control the power. If you take it off, you will turn into the complete opposite of what you want to turn into.” I looked down at it, “cool.” He said, “Now remember this, there is a Warrior cat inside us all, even if you’re human. You just need to learn to embrace that Warrior inside, because nothing is stopping you from what you need to do.” I left and waved to him, “Bye.” he said, “Bye.” and I left.

 on: December 14, 2012, 05:35:12 pm 
Started by 100,000,000infinity - Last post by 100,000,000infinity
Chapter 3
Bloody Mary

We were shocked with fear so I said, “A-A-Anthony???Are you ok???” There still was no answer, so we decided to walk in there. Anthony was gone, all that was left there was words written in blood on the mirror, the words said:

There are the three of you who are chosen.
One with the power to transform and
have a special spirit.
One with the power
to have intelligence, and One with the power to travel back in time
If you want to see you’re teammate, test your
powers and use them against me.

On the sink I found a folded piece of paper. I picked it up and unfolded it. It was a map to where the ghost was, in the basement of the treehouse where nobody has ever gone in a long time. I turned it over and it said: Bloody Mary

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