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Title: Listen Up, Sector Members!
Post by: Numbuh 333 on February 19, 2011, 08:46:28 am
Welcome to the Sector Board, where you build your own respective sectors and interact with your fellow mates. Before anything else, Numbuh 333 would like to say a few words that I require you to read:

◘ To be a sector leader, you should apply in the "KND General Moonbase" board first and wait for Numbuh 333 to confirm your promotion.

◘ To be a sector member, you should PM Numbuh 333 to apply for your desired sector, and I would be the one to tell the sector leader about it. The sector leader have the right to deny you from his/her sector, so you may choose another one.

◘ Numbuh 333 wouldn't want to discover anything that a member has been accepted in that sector without informing me! There would be certain complications for that member and the sector leader.

◘ As the sector member and leader, you will ONLY post in YOUR respective sector, not anyone else's! You may talk about anything you like, chat, have "missions" or something like that... Play RPG if you want too... Just do as you please in your RESPECTIVE sector.

◘ The sector leader will post his/her own rules for your sector to follow, but always keep the general rules in mind. The sector leader can do anything in his/her own sector: assign positions, etc. Treat the sector leader and his/her second-in-command as an admin too: respect them.

◘ Your sector name could be anything the sector leader wishes. It can be a letter, a name, thing, place, or even random.

◘ There would only be a maximum of 10 sectors and endless members each.

◘ Enjoy and have fun! Just do your best to be a REAL KND Operative!  ;)